Give yourself permission

Give yourself permission

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We are living our lives driven by our parents, by our relatives, by our teachers, by our friends, by our colleagues and supervisors and so on.

We are waiting for the others opinion and searching for approval. We are trying to discover signs of appreciations over who we are and what we do.

What are we doing in all this time?

  • Waiting
  • Thinking what others are thinking about us
  • Being afraid of other people opinion over us
  • Comparing ourselves with others
  • Asking other people opinion
  • Doubting ourselves
  • Delaying in taking actions

You know what? You should just look in the mirror.

See yourself through your eyes and expectations and not through other people’s eyes.

You know the whole story, the truth, the hard days and happy days, the bad things and the good ones, the dreams, aspirations, abilities, wishes, weaknesses and strong points.

Don’t waste your time waiting for other people to give you their permission.

Break the door of the cage you allowed others to put you in.

Did a teacher told you ever you will fail in something?

How did she/he knew that?

How a person seeing you few hours per month can define something related to your future?

Let’s say you are not a talent in doing something. Still, there are people that loved to prove the opposite, and they succeeded.  This is valid for whomever tried to discourage you in any way.

Did your parents told you how you should do the things?

They gave the best advice but thinking of their self, their past, their problems, their experiences. Consider their advice, they know you since you were born (so actually more time than you were able to recognize yourself in a mirror) but still, take your own decisions.

Society is also designing our life from our first day.

The path is defined from the moment the doctor announce the gender of the child: will be an engineer like his father, will be a pretty girl like her mother…. Ok, lately he will be a football player and she will be a model.

As you grow you are asking permission. This is normal until you have your legal age for taking legal decisions.

Still, after 16-18 years of a habit, is hard to destroy it and to assume responsibilities, is easier – even if not more convenient- to let the society to decide and to act according to permission we receive.

For a happy and fulfilled live, give yourself permission:

  • To fail and to start over;
  • To care for your opinion more than for others;
  • To be in a hurry and not to wait for others approval;
  • To be brave and overpass fear;
  • To see your strengths and use them wisely;
  • To see your weaknesses and ask help if needed;
  • To take action;
  • To trust yourself;
  • To define your own happiness.

As a parent (in case you are already), you are the hero for your kid.

The kids are having us as examples and take ourselves as models before they can start to judge if we are a good one or not. Let’s project over them feelings and habits that allow them to grow is a healthy way.

Give yourself permission to be prosperous in what you do.

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