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This magic coffee, will change your life!

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Hi there, I am proposing you something that will change your life. As you probabily know, I have another business providing consulting services for companies. The scope of any company is profit. For this, increase…

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 Can you let go of who you are to go next level?

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Can you let go when you don`t know what is waiting for you on the other side? I realize that not anyone can do this and some of the reasons behind, in general line, I…

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Why I love my new job

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I just realize something. It is the fourth day in a row that I am working until 2.40 am. And I love it! I am productive during the night time. When (almost) everybody else is…

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Success is not about the others, is about you!

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I want to share with you my conclusion after one year of having my own business, and also by seeing some dozens of other entrepreneurs, few of them quite successful. ”Do you know who else…

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Stop the STOP !

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Whaaaat are you doing there? STOP! How many times per day a parent (guess what … usually mom) is saying that? Many times, too many times we are saying this to our kids. We are…

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