Vision Board, your annual assistant for success!

Vision Board, your annual assistant for success!

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Vision board

I started last year the early exercise of making a vision board. I love it and I intend to make it every year, in December for the next year.

Even if I read many times about the importance of having a vision board, I never made time to make it.

It felt it somehow unrealistic, like a childish believe.

I was writing down my list of desires for the next year but never as a vision board.

After reading about the brain functionality and importance of images for the brain, I start thinking of a vision board.

And, as always, when the student is ready, the teacher appear.

How did I start?

I saw an announcement for a group training with a psychologist. I register myself with a friend of mine and we prepared for a nice weekend morning.

It was more than that.

The psychologist explained to us how the brain works, what is a vision board and what it the importance of having one.

As a group exercise I realize I could focus better.

Still, at the beginning of the exercise, even if I was finding what a vision board is, it was hard to imagine what to put on it!

What do you really want?

What are your goals and desires?

What is most important for you and you want to focus your resources on it?

Hard to answer, looks simple but for me was not. Is it simple for you?

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of images and messages, gathering your goals and desires in a visual format.

The role is to inspire you, to motivate and to help you be focus on your goals, all year long.

Why visual? Because our brain reacts better to images as an information.

Any image and messages from the board, must be in accordance with your highest goals and desires.

Short meditation

A short meditation was helping me, and the others around as I saw, to clarify life goals and desires.

During meditation we were imagining ourselves in another place, chosen by us. We were guided to see around us, to feel, to understand our emotions and so on.

Things become clearer along the way.

After this exercise, we felt like a fog disappear.

We were ready to work!

What you need?

A quiet place, a table, two to three hours of not being interrupted.

A big piece of hard paper that will be the base for the board.

Extra you need scissor, glue, images and words or expressions (these ones you can even write them) – you can use images from magazines or you select and print the images you want.


Vision board not just wishing board

The secret of a vision board that will actually work is to put in action all the objectives and desires.

Even if the vision board rely on the law of attraction, a plan for achieving goals and desires must be defined and followed.

The role of the vision board is to motivate when you are low energy and to keep you on the correct track for your everyday actions.

Hoping for the things to happen, may not be the best strategy.

Building a plan, having in front of your eyes your important goals, is a better idea.

So put the vision board somewhere you can see it daily. Meditate and try to feel as you already achieved that things, feel the vibration.

Every year exercise

This year I met again the team from the vision board exercise. I went without any plans in my mind. I wanted to feel the meditation for understanding the important things for me, from inside, from my feeling and not only from my brain.

I was worry that only some of the goals were achieved from the previous vision board.

During the discussions we realize that this was the same for other members of the team.

Why was that?

I realize that I was not in alignment with some objectives I put on the vision board.

I put there some objectives I thought they were the needed ones but they were not in agreement with my feelings so I had no motivation during the year to invest any effort and time in realizing them.

During the year I had some additional training about personal values and personal development. It helped! Also completed with many books and videos.

In conclusion, this year I was faster in defining my direction, my short, medium and long term goals. The result of my vision board is now (i believe) in better alignment with my feeling and my values.

Make your vision board

Maybe your vision board will not be sensational in the first year, you will feel constantly that some things are not so important or are just silly, is a childish game, will never work, you are a serious person and so on.

Make it, put on a board your goals and desires, let them there.

You will see, at the end of the year, the power of your vision board and how things are different.

For sure you will want to make the exercise next year again and will be better and better.

The vision board exercise, helped me to:

  • understand that some goals are to be set not to be reached but to give a direction;
  • see my priorities and to say no if needed, with no regret;
  • understand that since the collage is limited, also is my time and my availability.

If I share myself in many places, I will conclude very few things and I will always feel that I am not good enough, I did not enough, I should have done things in a different way and so on. By focusing in few directions, I will be able to conclude them and to be proud of me instead of disappointed.

  • admit, in front of me, what are the important things in my life according to my values and no on other people opinions; I was not born to make anyone happy but I was born to make myself happy.
  • define reachable goals and make achievable plans

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And for the end, i let you with an advice.

I like it so I share it with you:

“Vision without action is a dream.

Action without vision is simply passing the time.

 Action with Vision is making a positive difference.” – Joel Barker


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