cake with chocolate topping

Simple Greek cake with white chocolate topping

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This cake is quite Greek since we use Greek yogurt and for topping Greek jam with pieces of fruits! It is also very simple and fast to prepare it: 20 min preparation time and about…

cheese pies recipe parenting

Cheesy pies – fast and simple

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These cheesy pies are like pancakes. Serving them with a drop of honey give them an unbelievable salty – sweet taste! It is very easy to prepare them and really worth to make them instead…

how to make home sourdough

How to prepare at home Sourdough

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Difficult?! Complicated?! Read the article till the end and then reach a conclusion! See SOURDOUGH and products prepared with it with different eyes! Intro Preparing and using sourdough is a proof that with few ingredients…

food, ideas, shopping, parenting

Menu, Shopping List and Ideas for Cooking During Coronavirus

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You will read tricks about how to: Prepare Weekly Menu Create Shopping List See how to best maintain ingredients Have Ideas for cooking STAY HOME Prepare Weekly Menu and Create Shopping List We have to…

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