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5 Rețete simple și delicioase, cu ou fiert

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Îmi plac ouăle în orice formă. Când eram mică le mâncam doar când erau vopsite, motiv pentru care în timpul anului mama mai fierbea ouăle în coji de ceapă ca să se asigure că mănânc…

home made sweet bread

Sweet Bread with Yeast (Brioche, Greek Tsoureki)

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Sweet Bread with Yeast (Brioche, Greek Tsoureki) (Makes 4 brioches. Half the amounts for 2 brioche) Some hints before starting the preparation We need to prepare a strong dough in order to have the best…

sweet bread with sourdough

Sweet Bread with Sourdough (Brioche, Greek Tsoureki)

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Sweet Bread with Sourdough (Brioche, Greek Tsoureki) (Makes 2 brioches. Half the amounts for 1 brioche) Preparing the sourdough We need a strong sourdough in order to have the best result! For preparing bread we…

chocolate cake recipe, parenting

Chocolate cake in half an hour– fast and simple with no eggs and butter

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Fast and simple in preparing. This chocolate cake has cocoa powder not chocolate and no eggs or butter. Also the required milk can be soya / coconut / almond milk in order to have a…

cheese pies recipe parenting

Cheesy pies – fast and simple

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These cheesy pies are like pancakes. Serving them with a drop of honey give them an unbelievable salty – sweet taste! It is very easy to prepare them and really worth to make them instead…

bread recipes with sourdough

Bread with Sourdough, our home recipe

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I start receiving pictures with Sourdough made by some friends based on the sourdough recipe provided previous days. Wow! Peri Giavas started to write for you recipes with sourdough. Look what he wrote on his…

how to make home sourdough

How to prepare at home Sourdough

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Difficult?! Complicated?! Read the article till the end and then reach a conclusion! See SOURDOUGH and products prepared with it with different eyes! Intro Preparing and using sourdough is a proof that with few ingredients…

banana cake recipe

Banana Bread simple, fast and tasty recipe

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Super tasty and loved by the kids, easy and fast to make it? Well known cake with bananas, usually using the ones remain for some days in our depository. Great taste which combined with cardamom…

Peri Giavas, financial parenting

Dough recipe for Pizza with yeast

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Most people love pizza but when is about home made pizza I was not so enthusiast but after many trials we found the perfect home made recipe. This is the recipe for home made pizza,…

food, ideas, shopping, parenting

Menu, Shopping List and Ideas for Cooking During Coronavirus

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You will read tricks about how to: Prepare Weekly Menu Create Shopping List See how to best maintain ingredients Have Ideas for cooking STAY HOME Prepare Weekly Menu and Create Shopping List We have to…

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