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Dough recipe for Pizza with yeast

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Most people love pizza but when is about home made pizza I was not so enthusiast but after many trials we found the perfect home made recipe. This is the recipe for home made pizza,…

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Menu, Shopping List and Ideas for Cooking During Coronavirus

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You will read tricks about how to: Prepare Weekly Menu Create Shopping List See how to best maintain ingredients Have Ideas for cooking STAY HOME Prepare Weekly Menu and Create Shopping List We have to…

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This magic coffee, will change your life!

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Hi there, I am proposing you something that will change your life. As you probabily know, I have another business providing consulting services for companies. The scope of any company is profit. For this, increase…

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IS NOT (only) about what you say

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IS not (only) about what you say Is about how you say it… and Is about what you do This apply to small kids but not only. The words have unbelievable power but the tone,…

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