This magic coffee, will change your life!

This magic coffee, will change your life!

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Hi there,

I am proposing you something that will change your life.

As you probabily know, I have another business providing consulting services for companies.

The scope of any company is profit. For this, increase of efficiency is a must, next to many other factors. But this is also the purpose of most our activities as individuals. Isn’t it?

This will increase your results!

Investigating something for a project, just came to me this idea that may perfectly work for you, as individual, to be more efficient, productive, profitable and happier.

Many companies have lots of meetings for increasing their results.

These meetings can focus on sales, on results, on capturing new markets and customers, in creating new ideas products and services, in team work experiences and so on.

What is the target of all those meetings? FOCUS!

Focus will bring results, will engage the resources in a most productive way.

You can do the same! But better!

Have your own meeting.

Make it weekly, let’s say on Monday morning.

Let me explain some more about the scope of this meeting, how to do it, why, with whom, how.

Your Monday morning coffee

This coffee, will be the most important coffee of the week.

Have it perfect, as you love it.

Sometimes I have the coffee black, or cappuccino, or with flavor, or americano, or Greek style with cardamom.

My favorite one?

I love the flavored cappuccino but due to sugar content and milk intolerance I must avoid it.

But on Monday morning I don’t.

I just adapt the topping, I assume the consequence and I enjoy it, no guilt.

Because, this coffee is special.


Because I have it with the most important person in my life, ME.

And this is what I am proposing for you.

If you are ok, all around you is ok. If you are not ok, many plans and wishes and dreams are in vain.

I am organizing my whole week during these 15 minutes with my special coffee.

I am planning my actions, consider effort and effect, canceling some of the actions not needed or not helping my goals.

When you focus on your target is so easy to identify all the actions that are extra, time consuming, money consuming and adding no values at all.

Organize your life like a business owner

Because money matter.

Money are the way of getting what you want, even if this is basic needs, wishes, dreams, helping others, starting a company aso

Still, sometimes there are things that matter to you and they don’t cost money, consider them and don’t forget them in the favor or the other ones, save your resources.

The idea is to use your resources of energy in the most efficient way.

Organizing is the key.

Organize your every day actions, make a weekly plan, stick to it.

You will become

Let me write above some of the benefits you will have, because you will become:

more efficient and profitable,

You will focus on 80/20, making that 20% of actions that are generating 80% of the results;

less stress,

You will understand the limit of your time so you will not overload your schedule unrealistic;

– less anxious,

About all the things that must be done and you don’t know when, by organizing you can delay things, delete actions, replace activities, reaching them by the week end;


You will decide and work to fulfill your annual target, medium- and long-term objectives.

Sometimes we forget our target or worse, we don’t even establish one.

We live every day as it comes, and every year the same. Years are passing and we feel uncomplete, something is missing and we don’t know what.

If you don’t plan, you may lose…

You will feel this missing part of your life, harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

What is it?

Is the sense, a sense of living above the daily life.

Is your life purpose, beyond the roles you are daily playing as someone’s something (husband, wife, daughter, son, employee, boss, neighbor, friend aso).

Who are you?

What is your life purpose?

What are your priorities?

How can you fulfill them?

What really matters to you?

Waking in the morning, going to work every day, handling the traffic and daily tasks, struggling to pay the bills and also to have some money for your pleasures, living from a weekend to another, is not your target is life I think.

So, have that great coffee and plan your life.

Focus on your priorities.

Make your own strategy.

Use your resources of time, money and availability in most efficient way.

You will find yourself much more efficient, happier, more productive, fuller of sense, more connected to real people and events connected to your values, with your life purpose, and most important with yourself.

All these benefits you have them in just 15 minutes coffee, weekly, with you!

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