bread recipes with sourdough

Bread with Sourdough, our home recipe

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I start receiving pictures with Sourdough made by some friends based on the sourdough recipe provided previous days. Wow! Peri Giavas started to write for you recipes with sourdough. Look what he wrote on his…

banana cake recipe

Banana Bread simple, fast and tasty recipe

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Super tasty and loved by the kids, easy and fast to make it? Well known cake with bananas, usually using the ones remain for some days in our depository. Great taste which combined with cardamom…

Peri Giavas, financial parenting

Dough recipe for Pizza with yeast

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Most people love pizza but when is about home made pizza I was not so enthusiast but after many trials we found the perfect home made recipe. This is the recipe for home made pizza,…

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