Bread with Sourdough, our home recipe

Bread with Sourdough, our home recipe

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I start receiving pictures with Sourdough made by some friends based on the sourdough recipe provided previous days. Wow!

Peri Giavas started to write for you recipes with sourdough.

Look what he wrote on his personal page on FB about sourdough and understand his passion behind cooking:

”Sourdough is a real beauty! It is magic, I may add! Just water and flour! And then it needs proper scheduling.

True, it needs longer waiting time to reach final result. However this result is paying back! Reach taste, excellent flavor; bread is like fresh even 2-3 days after baking and brioche or cookies- if resist – keep their reach flavor for a week.

The sourdough I use now I have it since 2013. Almost same age like my small angel Elena! They grow together! And Elena is big fun of brioche with sourdough! She likes the taste but mostly she likes the part with kneading and preparing the shapes. I believe it worth the effort to make it and use it. When get used with hard to ignore! Success!”

The recipe:

Bread with Sourdough

(Makes 1 loaf. Double the amounts for 2 loaves)

You need all these three mixtures and you will combine them as per recipe below.

1st mixture  – poolish

(it is a kind of pre-dough that helps the process of having a nice fluffy bread at the end)

90 gr sourdough starter (45%-50% water)

100 gr lukewarm water

50 gr strong flour

2nd mixture

(flour became stronger, start the  fermentation process)

300 gr lukewarm water

250 gr strong flour

  • flour with higher % of proteins (above 10%, for example “faina pentru cozonac”)

250 gr all-purpose flour (000)

Rest of ingredients

(rest of the ingredients to be added, see recipe)

1 teaspoon sugar or honey

10 gr salt

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Preparation process

Sourdough – how to refresh it before baking

In order to use sourdough, we have to have a good scheduling.

In order to help on this, I propose the below process to be followed:

Let’s assume that you want to make the bread on Saturday.

So then on Thursday morning you can feed the sourdough (an hour later from the moment you took it out from the refrigerator to let it take the room temperature) and once again on Thursday evening. On Friday feed it again in the morning and on Friday night prepare the dough that will be kneaded on Saturday.

For the specific recipe where we will need 160g of sourdough starter we can do the following:

Thursday morning

take 20g of sourdough from the refrigerator, let it for one hour to get room temperature and then add 20g of water, stir till sourdough is dissolved and then add 20 g of strong flour and mix;

Thursday evening

add 60 g of water, stir till sourdough is dissolved and then add 60 g of strong flour and mix;

Friday morning

keep 100 g from the sourdough, add 100 g of water and stir till sourdough is dissolved and then add 100 g of strong flour and mix;
Friday evening
take the quantity of sourdough needed for the bread recipe and the rest put it in a jar, close it tightly, and transfer in the refrigerator;

For the poolish

Place in a clean bowl 90 gr sourdough with the 100 gr of lukewarm water and stir till sourdough is dissolved.

Add 50 gr strong flour and mix till totally combined.

Cover it with a clean wet towel or a plastic wrap and let it aside for 2 hours.

For the flour mixture

Place in a clean bowl or in the mixer bowl 300 gr lukewarm water, 250 gr strong flour, 250 gr all-purpose flour and mix till all are totally combined.

Cover it with a clean wet towel or a plastic wrap and let it aside for 2 hours.

For the dough

After 2 hours have passed:

Place both mixtures in one bowl or in the mixture bowl.

Add sugar, salt, and extra virgin olive oil and start kneading.

If using mixer, it will take 10-15 minutes till you get a nice smooth and fluffy dough.

By hand it may take double the time.

When kneading, do not worry if the dough is slightly wet or sticky. Resist the temptation to add any extra flour.

Take the pan where bread is to be baked and brush it with olive oil or cover it inside with a piece of parchment paper. This will help the dough not to get stack.

Place the dough inside the baking pan.

Cover it with a clean wet towel or a plastic wrap.

Let the dough to rest for 8 hours – whole night in a quiet, not cold but also not hot place.

Next day in the morning the dough has to be doubled.

Pre-heat oven in 220 C.

Uncover the baking pan and place it in the oven.

After 10 minutes reduce the temperature to 200 C and continue baking for another 20 minutes – totally we need 30 minutes of baking time.

Take the pan out of the oven and let it for 5 minutes to cool down a bit.

Then carefully turn it upside down on a grate in order to cool down totally.



Recipe and pictures by Periklis Giavasoglou.


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