Success is not about the others, is about you!

Success is not about the others, is about you!

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I want to share with you my conclusion after one year of having my own business, and also by seeing some dozens of other entrepreneurs, few of them quite successful.

”Do you know who else is doing this? And he/she is really reeeeaaaally good, you know?”

These are the most words you hear around you when you want to do something new.

This is not encouraging

Not encouraging at all when you want to start something!

And this is what you hear around… everybody being worry, not for you being successful but for you failing.

Please trust me and be worry about my success!

Looking what others are doing may be discouraging. But not only, can be simply not useful.

You don’t have to invent the wheel

Of course not!

If you can learn from others, do it!

If you can avoid others mistake, do it!

But also, allow yourself to do your own mistakes, otherwise you learn nothing new. You may lose curiosity and motivation along the way, you may lose direction, and you may get lost.

Listen to your inner voice.

If you can feel it, you can do it!

Is about you!

Just you! By following others you may lose time and energy, but mostly focus on your own direction.

You want to follow something? Perfectly fine, you need a guidance or maybe some milestones, I can understand.

Establish them by yourself!

Follow your own milestones.

The milestones will help you keep the rhythm, direction, focus, by leading you through the process (of changing something, of doing something). Also, will give you sense of control and assurance of doing the right thing.

Is never about the others and what others can do. Is always about YOU AND WHAT CAN YOU DO!

And if by doing what you can do, you will find yourself in front of the others, even better.

Think you are in a race, you are faster by looking others? Nope!

You are faster if you are better trained, better motivated, in a better shape and so on. Not due to others you can win the race nor looking back.

You are not becoming better by looking what others are doing. You are becoming better by doing things in a better way, your way.

You are unique.

The experiences you had, the emotions you lived, the people around you from the first years of your life and further, your wishes and dreams, your hopes and expectations, your values and everything up to personality and the fingerprints are different from person to person.

Why to follow other person?

How can you know the other person motivation and all the background making him/she doing specific things in specific way?

Do your very best, and try to be every day one step ahead your target.

Do this not for the others, but for yourself!

You cannot control others, you can control only yourself.

Be responsible. Be realistic. Be also a dreamer.

Don’t stop! Follow your way.

Life is passing, no matter how rich or poor you are, how many friend you have, how much power you own, how beautiful or tall or slim or … or … or … you are.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

What if the time is NOW for YOU? Just think about!

Whomever is now really reeeeeaaaally, good and successful …. one day had the first day of everything, the first thought, after that the first attempt, after the first doubt, after that the first day in developing the idea and so on.

If you don’t try, you can never find out how good you can be.

Because success is about you and not about the others!


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