Why I love my new job

Why I love my new job

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I just realize something.

It is the fourth day in a row that I am working until 2.40 am. And I love it!

I am productive during the night time.

When (almost) everybody else is sleeping is soooo quiet.  Starting 7 pm I feel like a wave of silence covering the earth and my energy increases.

Whatever I work in the night I don’t have to fix again next day.

Sometimes I am saying to my partner, I wrote something amazing. I am forgetting until morning but I just know is a good piece of work. And guess what?

During the coffee I am trying to remember, most of the time I do, sometimes I don’t but when I read I really like it.

This is my moment of working and entering in a flow.

Who would allow me to work in my own rhythm?

I never run away from work. I love working. Makes me feel valuable and useful.

But I have a problem with working by hours and not by results. Weak people perform best in these model, by hours, I prefer having results …. many, visible, measurable, not to feel I am wasting my time.

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Even in sport or any competition, only the best results are rewarded. Why in most corporations this is not valid?

Except the jobs with direct contact with customers or jobs where presence is mandatory, all the rest should focus on results!

Flexibility will bring more valuable people to a company, happy, productive and loyal.

I need my days to rest, to spend time with my family, to cook, to enjoy every meal in time with no rush, to read, to have meetings and make training, to go to cinema or out for coffee with my friends.

I want to have the freedom to work whenever, wherever.

Technology changed our lives. Let’s use this advantage!

I can have my laptop with me anywhere. If i have electricity and sometimes internet, I am available and reachable.

Why took me 20 years to make this change? I enjoyed being part of big companies.

Well, my kid helped me to realize that flexibility matters, specially if you don’t have any help around like grandparents or babysitter.

Many people change their profession after a certain age, after a crisis and most of them, especially women, after the kids come.

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Creative time is when nobody can bother

I love writing. I am writing over 1500 words daily, and this is in a bad day.

I write articles. I give interviews. I talk to people, share opinions and feedback with specialists in my area or areas influencing my zone of interest.

I write financial education courses and give feedback for people following my online courses.

I make videos and audio registrations for my classes.

I prepare materials for kindergarten financial education classes.

I write books, already three up to now and hope to get them publish at a certain time.

I am following online courses and getting specialized in specific subjects. Many hours every week.

And I am reading books, one two per week.

Day has 24 hours

I had a teacher in the MBA, he was very demanding.

We were all working in big corporations and this guy was killing us with hard projects.

In the same time with daily job of over 10 hours, we were business owners for some companies.

During nights we were working on study cases and business scenarios.

We complained once.

He said “a day has only 24 hours, is true, but you also have the nights”. 

So, now, I have my nights to make the work and the days to enjoy life!

I was born in the night, after midnight. All my life I was studying during the night. This is my rhythm since ever. Why to fight against it?

Now I work when I fell like, I sleep when I am tired, I am next to my family and friends when they need me, I have time for everything.

I love doing what I like, in my own rhythm, allowing me to enjoy life.

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What is my new job?

I am blogger, writer, speaker, and trainer.

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And I am running my own business meaning I am handling accounting, marketing, PR, sales, administrations, legal contracts and so on.

I work for living and I am not living for working!

Is is easier than being a full time employee?

NO! But I feel free because I am free.






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